Is He Cheating On You — Trust Your Instincts

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Is He Cheating On You — Trust Your Instincts

Is he cheating on you? --- Use your Instincts

Before writing this blog on this topic, I started thinking about my college life, when one day my friend Anita told me that she is getting a feeling that his boyfriend is cheating her. I asked her why is she thinking so? She said, " I don't know but something is not good. Something is missing? I asked her, Did you see him with someone else?" She said, "No but still I am getting such feeling that something is fishy, something is not correct." But you won't believe, after few days she told that she caught him with some other girl. And I was like, what?

In India, that time we didn't had mobiles, internet facility and social media. Hardly people knew how to use internet. We didn't had access or say knowledge how to interact with other people using these technologies. I guess, it was much easy then to catch a person red handed if s(he) was cheating. But now a days, in this digital age, what counts as a cheating? Even a person who mentions his/her status single, we can find them talking to one another. So how to judge that it's just a normal chat or s(he) is getting into a serious relationship.

According to me, it's really really tough to judge whether your s(he) is cheating on you? But one thing is still same 'Now' and 'Then' also. It's your 'INSTINCTS.' If you can judge and make difference between getting instincts and feeling insecure. Trust me, there is very very thin line difference between getting instincts and feeling insecure.

You may be wondering, why he suddenly started showing less interest in me? Why he is not putting effort into the relationship anymore? Why is he trying to hide things and being secretive? So what I would suggest is ask questions before judging things because if he is not into any other relationship and it's just your random thoughts. This will help you to overcome the stress you are going through.

Below are the points when you can ask him/her questions without affecting your relationship.

  • When he suddenly started locking his phone. -That's okay. Ask him to share his phone password. He will, if he is not cheating.
  • When he starts coming home late. - As now he knows that s(he) is yours, he might have started thinking that you will understand him because you love him/her. Ask him why is he getting late if he answers quickly without any hesitation than he is not cheating.
  • When he stopped saying "I love you" too often: S(he) is now in serious relationship with you and s(he) knows that you love him/her than speaking again and again and confirming that is not required anymore.
  • S(he) is not taking you to meet his/her family: Ask him the reason why is she/he doing so as you might come up with genuine reason behind it like family will not agree or it's not the right time to talk or may be something genuine which you both can solve talking to each other.

However, there are certain other sign from which you can come up with drastic truth that he/she is cheating on you. And I am not going to share all random reasons but 90% signs that signifies that your instincts is correct.

  • He keeps hiding his phone/you cannot see phone randomly placed anywhere: I believe when phone is kept hidden that means there is something fishy. You don't need to check on any social media or email and all thanks goes to technology. Cheaters knows how and where to keep things hiding.
  • When he/she uses loo/washroom/bathroom too often for a long time: When a person cry, s(he) uses pillow and when person cheats, he uses wash-room. Because this is the safest place where you can text, talk and do video calling without any fear. No one is around to watch you not even
  • He/she suddenly starts clicking selfie too much: Whenever he/she gets ready for a party, suddenly runs to click too many selfies. Most of his/her time goes is clicking them and especially not with anyone around. It will be a solo selfie.
  • Starts avoiding party or a picnic. Because s(he) likes to remain alone so that they can talk or chat with another person without any disturbance.

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2 Responses

  1. Aayushi kothari says:

    Neha…you r an amazing tarot card reader. Everytime I hv some doubt and you help me with an ease.
    A perfect solution of my question, a clear picture of what he is thinking of me right now.
    I asked her “does he has feeling for me”
    And she said “he is trying to impress me with the things i like. He talks what i want to listen. She said go with the flow”
    Thank u so much neha. It helped me a lot…
    I would definetly recommend her😘

    • admin says:

      Thank you Aayushi, I am glad to know that my reading resonate with you. Happy to help you anytime from my reading. Stay blessed…

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