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Come and buy our tarot reading in order to clarify where you are, at any moment of time. This reading will help you to know the direction or objective perspective on your life journey. It will also let you know the unknown conditions that influence your present situation with its root cause.

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Read our latest blogs posts for the meaning of each card in tarot deck, how to start trusting your instincts and read tarot for unknown persons from distance.

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Hello Beautiful Souls, I'm Neha!

I'm an intuitive tarot reader and psychic from India. I have studied and used the tarot for more than ten years. Over the years, I've done more readings than I can count, both face to face and at a long distance.

Tarot is a great tool for guidance and meditation . It has helped me to look inside my soul and find my own path. I love to reach to the main issue of the situation using my instincts when I first see the card in the spread. I don't rely on traditional meanings of the cards. My aim is to leave you with spiritual guidance that will help you to choose the best option available for you.

My First Meeting with Tarot!

This all started in 2003, when I read a small article in local newspaper about Tarot Cards. I was so attracted towards them that I asked my father to make me join Tarot Course in Ahemdabad but there were no such courses running in.

I wanted to learn and explore tarot and I bought my first tarot deck from the market. I learned it by doing practice on my relatives and friends. Then after doing lots of practice and practice for years, I learned to trust my instincts while giving a reading to an unknown person.
Now I, being a passionate Tarot Reader & Psychic, I want to help women who want to earn money from home and give guidance to those people who are not confident to give reading from distance.