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How to get positive feedback from online Tarot Clients?

Are you struggling to get feedback from your clients? You do a lot of readings in Facebook Group/your Facebook page and spend hours in giving them readings, answering every question of your client so that he/she feels relax, confident and inspired and then at the end of the day you receive very little or no…
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Tools I Have Used To Launch & Grow My Tarot Business

Step By Step Guide To Launch Your Website I started my online tarot business on Jan 2019. I am still learning to design and develop my website on my own but this is too time consuming and I don’t want you to spend your precious time in learning these skills and deciding which tools will…
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How Tarot Can Tell You A Lot About Your Pet:

What inspired me? When you are back to home from a party or vacation, did you notice how our dear little pet welcomes? They jump on you; they show you how happy they are and how much they missed you. What does this mean that pets do have emotions; they want to love and get…
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Is He Cheating On You — Trust Your Instincts

Is he cheating on you? — Use your Instincts Before writing this blog on this topic, I started thinking about my college life, when one day my friend Anita told me that she is getting a feeling that his boyfriend is cheating her. I asked her why is she thinking so? She said, ” I…
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March 2019 – Tarotlogy

Hello Beautiful Soul’s! If you are reading this post than this means that Tarot has something for you, that you need to explore and have insights on. So, I will pull out tarot cards for each star sign every month so that you become aware of the hopes and fears in upcoming months. Please don’t hesitate…
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