About Neha

Neha Agrawal has studied and used Tarot for more than fifteen years. Over the years, she has done over hundreds of readings, both face to face and at a long distance. She has also used the cards for counseling and some magical operations and also she has taught their use as meditation tools. She believes that tarot has helped her to look inside her soul and find her own path. She has endeavored to explain the great fundamental truths of your mind in the simplest language possible.

She answers the questions & problems by working with your conscious and sub-conscious mind by healing them with the help of tarot cards. The techniques she applies will help others to trust the same. She believes that every human being has capacity to reach enlightenment - or say freedom from illusion of ego created by our mind. And she insists that this capacity can only  be realized through meditation.

She brings awareness that we each contain an unchanging, undisturbed & eternal centre that has capacity to see life as a great adventure, a play, a mystery of school & finally blissful journey with no purpose other than to delight in every step along the ways she helps to bring within; that brings a quality of life & love to all that we do.